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Keep a heart in the winter with special attention, know how to survive a heart attack

Keep a heart in the winter with special attention, know how to survive a heart attack

In winter season, the probability of heart disease increases by 25% compared to the summer. Cold for people affected by heart diseases proves to be extremely harmful. In the winter season, cardiovascular disease causes many diseases, which can easily be prevented by some remedy. In addition, winter heart-blood pressure patients should also be cautious. That is why a cold patient should take some precautions in the cold.

CAD and Heart Attack

Coronary Artery Disease (CAD) is the condition of having a heart attack in the arteries. The arteries of the heart arise due to various causes. For example, eating excessive fat content increases cholesterol levels in the blood, causing fat in the heart arteries. The types of heart arteries can also be stored in calcium. The condition in which the heart can not get adequate blood. This will increase the likelihood of heart disease due to this.

Take care of this cause

Because of the cold, the arteries of the cerebral and other organs of the body, apart from the heart, are shrunken. So that blood flow in the blood stops and the chances of blood clots increase. In such cases, the risk of heart attack increases. Always relax with quilts due to the colder people. Many people do not exercise regularly because of the cold effect. People also became addicted to food poisoning in winter and in winter.

Blood pressure increases rapidly during the winter season. In addition to these reasons people in the cold wake up early in the morning. In the meantime, people do not even walk in the morning. In winter, tasting and tasting things are more intense. Increases the amount of salt blood pressure in excess. Due to cold, people drink tea too. In addition to that, the use of drugs in the cold also increases, so in winter we work all that increases blood penetration. This reason is not right for the cold heart.

Keep this thing focused on

If you have a problem related to the heart, it is important to keep the cold in the morning and take special care during exercise. During this exercise in the season or at running, the arteries are contracted and the blood starts becoming thicker. Due to the increased chances of becoming a blood clot, In such cases, the probability of getting heart acne increases. In the winter season, the tooth should be fully covered and the hard-blooded pressure patient should take his own medicines and he is a patient of heart, he should take his blood thinner.

Yoga is also very beneficial in the winter season. Pranayam is also beneficial in this way. People generally drink less water during cold days, while this is not suitable for health. Due to drinking less water, the nerves contract in the cold, the biggest damage to heart diseases and increases the likelihood of a heart attack.

Does snacks have to be eaten every day?

Does snacks have to be eaten every day?

The best thing is that the Indian people have the best booze which is considered to be the most important in the morning breakfast. This is not only delicious but also considered beneficial for health. As well as those who are on dieting, it is healthy to eat steam in the morning snacks. Basting in the daily breakfast will keep your health healthy and your stomach does not feel heavy. What kind of breasts are beneficial for our body?

Filled with carbohydrate

It is a good breakfast food, so that approximately 76. 9 percent carbohydrate and 23.1 percent and 0 percent protein are in boiling water. However, in the morning the body needs energy in the form of cables, which will be beneficial to feed the fats.

Bulled Sugar Control

Whiskey is rich in vitamin B, which helps to control blood sugar. If you want to keep your blood sugar in control then eat breakfast every morning.


Even though the stomach is eating stomach ache, but it does not increase the weight because of its consumption, because only one bowel bowl has at least 250 calories. Apart from that, it contains essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. If you are on dieting then do not add ground peanuts.

Healthy for the heart

Booze is a healthy breakfast that keeps the heart healthy. Use the curry leaves at the time of making booze. It contains plenty of vitamins C, vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin E, carbohydrates, fiber, calcium, phosphorus, aryans and vitamins. Curry leaves work to make the heart healthy and infections. Apart from this, it is also beneficial for face and hair.

Antioxidants and vitamins

Add fresh tomato as well as carrots to the chickpea because they contain vitamin A, vitamin E and C as well as antioxidants which are considered beneficial for health.

A good source of Aryan

To meet the shortage of Aryan in the body, it is beneficial to eat fat. There is a high standard of iron in boiling. It should be consumed by pregnant women and young children because they increase the amount of hemoglobin in the body.

Golten Free Food

Booze is a multi-productive, beneficial and gluten-free breakfast. However, GLUTEN allergy mainly affects the intestine, due to which its ability to dry nutrients decreases. The reason is that experts recommend eating gluten-free items. Those who live in bigger control than eating.

Heidi keeps skin

Make a tasty booze by adding ghee, cinnamon oil or coconut oil to a boil. So that the knee problem will decrease and the skin will remain healthy.

What is the benefit of cinnamon for a diabetic patient?

What is the benefit of cinnamon for a diabetic patient?

Due to the increasing pollution, the risk of diseases seems to be rising. Bad Lifestyle Running 5 out of 5 people are victims of diabetes. This disease increases the amount of sugar in the body, which can also be fatal. That's why diabetes patient needs to take special care of all the things related to eating and drinking, but can be done in control using some domestic tips. The cinnamon in front of the Indian Kitchen is a spice that is fragrant and filled with its medicinal properties which reduces the blood sugar level.

Experts believe that regular consumption of cinnamon does not only reduce the level of Boll Sugar but also reduces the risk of heart disease. Many people also reduce blood sugar levels by using garlic, magnesium and cosexime Q10, but cinnamon is considered very beneficial for diabetics.
How are diabetes?

When isulin decreases in body operation, glucose levels increase in blood. This condition is called diabetes only. Isulin is a hormone that forms through the five gland. It works to change food to energy within the body. This hormone also controls sugar levels in the body. When these hormones become confused, blood glucose levels increase in the body and can damage many organs of the body.

A herb of cinnamon

Cinnamon is used as a spice in the Indian kitchen, but not only fragrant spices but it is full of medicinal herbs, a good source of calcium and fiber, which is considered to be a good source of cinnamon, reduces Bucket Sugar to protect diabetics. It also removes the effect of this fox in the fox.

How to Take Low Cinnamon in Diabetes

If you can use cinnamon to keep the Bolls Sugar level in control, it is necessary to tell about its proper height, proper procedure and some precautions. Boil the cinnamon (3 grams) in a cup of water and drink it every morning. If you want, add pinch of cinnamon to tea and coffee and consume it three times a day.

Need attention on this talk

The more intake of it can damage you. Therefore, it will be good if you consume it in a high level regularly.
Treat the doctor before taking cinnamon.


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# GoodBye2018: Sreesanth revealed the incident of 10 years ago

# GoodBye2018: Sreesanth revealed the incident of 10 years ago

Big Boss representative Sreesanth open his sensational career by taking Sreesi's form.

10 years ago Harbhajan Singh hit him during the IPL, after which his crying pictures and videos became a topic of debate in the media.

The first time in the Sreesanth Pura case, the person has been speaking openly. Big Boss 12 rival Sreesanth Surbhi Rana talked about this incident.

The former Indian bowler is also acting in the video that is being viral.

The clip going viral is the promo of the upcoming episode of Big Boss. Says Sreesanth, "I want to take the curtain out of the whole incident. Yes, I believe, at that time I was furious. I would say, what really happened at that time, after the match, I proceeded towards Harbhajan Singh to join hands.

On the other hand, on the other hand, on the other hand, Harbhajanji hit me on my cheek loudly. It can not be called a buffet.

Now the truth of this matter will come out only when this episode of Big Boss will be aired. Let me tell you, in 2008, this issue became the subject of debate around the world. After this incident, Harbhajan was banned for 11 matches.


The 10 best things you can get in the home before the new year, get auspicious fruit

The 10 best things you can get in the home before the new year, get auspicious fruit

If you get along with Karma in the new year, then your success and happiness will not stop there. Knowing what 10 items should be kept in the house so that you can get the same advancement. First of all, put a metal turtle in your home. Some people even put some small wooden turtles in the house, even if some of the clay is not suitable. There are many types of metals such as silver, brass, bronze, however mixed turtles should be kept in the north.


You need to have many types of pyramids in your house. The home pyramid was started with French scientific mossier boxer experiment. There is a belief that the properties of objects placed in the shape of a pyramid can change. If there is any food ingredient in wood or just paper pyramid, its qualities will change.

Parrot picture or idol

According to Vastu Shastra, keeping a picture of a parrot in the north will focus on the child's study. It also increases its memory capacity. When a parrot is a symbol of love, loyalty, longevity and goodwill. The parrot is a symbol of good fortune. If you experience disadvantage, poorness and lack of happiness at home, then establish a home.

Peacock Pears

Morpheus is considered to be the most beautiful and miraculous. Peacock is considered to be a lump. This also removes all the obstacles coming in the path of fate, but be aware that there should be no peeps in the house but 1 to 3 peeps should be kept in the house.

Gomti Chakra

This is a stone that looks simple but is miraculous. This stone is also called Gomti Chakra. Due to meeting in Gomati river it is called Gomti Chakra. Since the Gomti Chakra is at home, there is no barrier to any kind of enemy over the person. 11 Take a gomaniac cycle and keep it in a yellow dress in a tricolor.

Short coconuts

Keeping this short coconut in a red cloth and putting it in a river or pond on the second day of Diwali, Mother Lakshmi has lived in your house for a long time. After discharging, another coconut can be kept in the vault. However there are many other experiments of short coconut. Keeping it at home keeps wealth and prosperity forever.

Silver elephant

There is also a miraculous influence in keeping it at home. According to astrology Rahu and Ketu have no bad influence, as well as progress in the business and jobs of a person. Having an elephant brings peace and happiness to the home. Many people also enjoy Ganesha's idol, it also benefits.

Pearl cone

Thus, the conch will be in everyone's home, but the southwestern conch and pearl conch have a different significance. There are a few glittering pearls. Having worshiped this conch with ceremonial rituals and keeping it in the treasury keeps the business, business, and permanently.

Kamalgata Wreath

Kamalagata wala should be kept in the house of Chandan, Tulsi and Kamalgata. Everything is worth without meaning It is believed that the Calgitum nest opens up the way to recovery. However Kamelgata is a favorite of Lakshmiji. It should be kept in the priest's house.

Swastika picture

Having a swastika picture at home is full of every psychoactive work. Swastik is considered a symbol of Lakshmi and Ganapati in Puranas. Swastik is composed of 'Sū' and 'Asti', which means 'Shubh'. Swastika also removes family, wealth, and health related problems.


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Saif Ali Khan, who has not been able to kiss Kareena Kapoor

Saif Ali Khan, who has not been able to kiss Kareena Kapoor

Bollywood actor Saif Ali Khan and actress Kareena Kapoor Khan are considered to be the most successful Bollywood actors. In October 2012, both of them decided to join the bonds of each other after the affair. After eight years of marriage, now safe Ali Khan has given everyone an idea to be surprised.

Bollywood actor Saif Ali Khan said that his wife Kareena Kapoor did not let her kiss him anymore and did not even do it. However, people got to understand it by joking but the truth came out later. Saif Ali Khan said that he has been increasing the beard for the web series. If you do it, then Kareena will have hair cut.

Saif Ali Khan said that not only Kareena but Son Auroor also does not kiss his face anymore. As well as saying that Tihar kissing on the hand of Safe.


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Finding the youth of the country Google will get an error, a reward or a reward that will be stunned

Finding the youth of the country Google will get an error, a reward or a reward that will be stunned

If Google finds fault in Google, the most widely used search engine in the world, Google has accepted it. Satyam Rastogi, a 24-year-old cyber expert resident of the transit camp, has increased his reputation by finding the error in search engine Google. Google's security team gave them a $ 500 million incentive to eliminate the error.
A bug named CSRF (Virus) was detected

Satyam Dehradun's Bamco is employed in Webber's Securities Research and Hacker (Senior Manager) in Cyber ​​Securities. He claims that on December 20 he found a bug named CSRF in Fembeet (where Google's Ad is coming) on ​​Google's site. He immediately sent bug related mail to Google's security team. Shortly after this, Google also made a mistake. On finding out, Google mailed an offer of $ 500. Google's security team has given the 541th rank in Saturn's franchise program Hath Hall of Fame.

Invitation to Google's Annual Conference

Satyam said that in Chicago (America) 2019, Google has been invited to the annual conference. Last year Satyam had also found a bug in the website of Apple and Microsoft Company, even when it got a lot of encouragement. Satyam said that he studied online OSP (Ophensive Security Certified Professional) course in Israel. Very few people in India can do this course. His mother runs the Basti Rastogi Beauty Parlor, while the father died in 2014 due to a serious illness of Ram Avatar.


Direction Patni's BOLD Grounds set on fire at INTERNET on Christmas

Direction Patni's BOLD Grounds set on fire at INTERNET on Christmas

Disha Patani Bold Photo: Bollywood's Cute Actress Direction Patni has given a tremendous gift to her fans on Christmas Eve. He has shared a picture on social media that any fan would mind watching. Direction has a very bold photo share in Two Piece. Direction has shared this photo and has festive Christmas theme.

Direction Patani has not shared such a bold photo for the first time. He has often shared such hot photos from social media. The figure of the direction is so toned that seeing it, you too will be worried about your body. The direction that the photo has shared in the white color Bikini is fierce on the fence of the fans. Here's the Siegeling Avatar of Direction ...

Before this, Patni had shot photoshoot for the 'Calvin Kleen' brand. Directions were very hot in the dark color underarmarmet. In most Instagram posts of the direction, they are seen endorsing the Calvin Klein brand. Fans love their every picture too much.

If both the cuteness and the hotness in Bollywood are in any way, then that is the direction. Patna's Instagram also has more than 16.3 million Folowshwar, which is a frequent sight in the media about its alleged boyfriend Tiger Shroff. If you talk about this picture of direction, so far they have got more than 10 lakhs.


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Invest in this place, become a millionaire soon after

Everybody wants to save, but requires a firm commitment and it becomes more necessary if one wants to save his hard earned money and become a millionaire. Many investment plans are available in the market, including the SIP of the mutual fund. These plans range from low risk to high risk category. Now this will depend on your budget how much you put in a sip each month.

If you invest in SIP, it will be good

If you invest Rs 23,580 per month (786 rupees every day) by a sip, then in 15 years your bank account will get around Rs 1 crore. For example, if you are around the age of 30, you can save about Rs. 786 every day and collect around Rs. 1 crore in your account till the age of 45 years. This calculation is based on a minimum of 10% annual interest. This happens when you do not have any savings until this age. If you invest in SIP, then it will be good. In it, if invested in a traditional way.

The possibility of drowning in Dura Dour

You can gather around Rs 1,15,98,820 in 15 years from an investment of Rs 23580 per month. Traditional investment means to stop money in a relatively low risk fund. This return has been made by Investment Online Calculator. There are many funds available in the market in which this category is given that it is less risky, that means your money will be safe even during the downturn in the market. If you believe in knowledge, then there are some funds that come with high risk. It has the potential to benefit from a lot of investment, but there is also the possibility of dropping investment in reduced rates.


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VIDEO: In the program of Kinjal Dave, the audience lost consciousness, doing shameful work

In the Panchmahotsav of Pavagadh, the Chinnas at the Kinnaj Dave program bounced, and the crowds became overwhelmed. The audience was strained by the song of Kunjal Dave's Dakala and broke the chaos in the crowd. In the program, the audience at the song of Dakla had lost consciousness. And a large number of chairs broke down and caused heavy damage. While the Tantra was watching it become a watcher.

Four four bangles made Kunjal Dave fame in Gujarat

Kinjal Dave is a Gujarati singer who has become popular on Youtube by its songs "O Siba", "Go Gonna My Gom Dhani", "Four Bundled Audi" and "Sadhani Maari". His songs have been watched more than 10 million times on youtube. The four four bunts of fame, Kunjal Dave, have not got anyone who he does not know. On the occasion of marriage or in the garba, the song of four four bunts of kinjal is sound only. Kinjal Dave has become a fame in Gujarat due to the popularity of this song.

People in large numbers are now busy in the program.


Priya has done a lot of fun in the bathroom. The heart will be happy

At the beginning of this year, on Valentine's Day, a girl who had a unique glance at the school dress made almost all her diwali.

This video was so viral that the girl became a night-night fame. Yes we are talking today Malayalam Beauty's Favorite Light Warrior.

Which has now been debated due to its unique photoshoot in the last days of the year.

Yes, just recently, Favorite Light Warrior shared some photos of his new photoshoot in social media.

The favorite in this photo shoot is looking very different from each of his last look and you are seeing how this new incarnation is taking place. In the shoot, Priya gave some photos of Sita Suta in different pose on her own bed.

In the catchy look of the bathtub appeared: Priya also shared a photo shoot photo in which she is showing in the bathtub. Priya is seen in the bathtub dressed in a check box.

If you look at the eyes, then the first love story of that beloved Priya has now changed into a maturing girl.

Priya Lamba is very active on her social account. He keeps posting too many photos and videos of his event. His Malayali film "Oro Adar Love" is also going to be released this year.

Priya, the most searched, will let you know that Google's list of the most searched people in Google's list has just been announced. In the list, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is number one on the first list, then Timur Ali Khan is at number 10 and Priya is a light warrior in the list 8th.


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Mukesh Ambani, who spent Rs 700 crore on his daughter's wedding, said that spoiled potatoes?

Jammu and Kashmir's Governor Satyapal Malik has ridiculed a few days ago, without naming Mukesh Ambani, the businessman who spent over Rs 700 crore in his daughter Isha Ambani's wedding, and the richest person in Asia.
Satyapal Malik, who came to attend an event, said that there is no shortage of rich people in the country but these rich people have no sensitivity towards the society and they are like a spoiled potato.

Malik said that when the country's richest person was questioned about the charity in a program, he said that the country earns a lot for charity, not for charity.
Malik said, is this wealthy person earning only because of which he can spend 700 crores for the wedding of his daughter?

This work will be done by 700 crore crores

Malik again attacked Mukesh Ambani after spending 700 crores for his daughter's wedding, saying that these 700 rupees to 700 big schools can be made or 7,000 widows of martyrs can feed their children. But the country's richest man does not feel like this.

India's wealth does not work as a charity

Malik also mentioned Microsoft's owner in the program, saying that he spent a large part of his earnings in the work of religion.

Apart from them, the business of many Europe and other countries also works for religion. But I do believe that such people are like spoiled potatoes for not doing business in India.


33 items of daily consumption fell from 18% to 12% and 5% slabs: V Narayanasamy

New Delhi: Aam Aadmi has received news of relief from the GST Council meeting. Pondicherry Chief Minister V Narayanaswami said in the meeting that the government has put 33 items in everyday use in the slab of 12% and 12% of the slabs. He said that we had asked the government to bring all the items to 18% and below with the tax slab. All items excluding only 34 items will be brought in 18% and below for the slab.

If the price is 28% GST

Price on 18% GST

The distance

Cement - bang

300 rupees

227 rupees

23 rupees less


3000 rupees

Rs 2766

Less than Rs 234


25000 rupees

Rs 23047

Less than 1953

TV, monitors

20000 Rupees

Rs 18438

1563 less

Digital camera

10000 rupees

Rs 9219

Less than Rs 781

The car

4 lakh rupees

3.68 lakh rupees

Rs. 31,250 less

Motor Cycle

50,000 rupees

Rs 46,094

Rs 3,906 less

The government intends that only 28% of the slabs contain only the luxury and health-related items. Prime Minister Narendra Modi also indicated this on Tuesday.


Farmer's Day: Who was Charan Singh who was the leader of Indira Gandhi who was sent to jail?

Chaudhary Charan Singh Only a politician, a farmer leader, a party president or a former prime minister is not named, Charan Singh was also a name of ideology.

Charan Singh's politics did not have any sense of insomnia or deceit, but he did not feel ashamed to say that he felt good and said that he cheated and did not feel bad.

Senior journalist Qurbaan Ali, who has closely watched Charan Singh, says, "His personality was a liability, people did not have the courage to speak against him."

"There was a permanent maturity on his face, he used to have a serious dialogue, a little laughing, I believe that only two or four people would have seen him smile."

"He was loyal to ideals and made a clean, easy politics."

Qurban Ali says, "During the national movement, they were trapped in Mahatma Gandhi and the Congress soil."

"From 1937 to 1977, he was elected from the Chaproli-Baghpat region. After being the Prime Minister, I never saw him having any army."

"He was traveling in a normal Ambassador car. He was against the air travel and even after becoming the Prime Minister, Lucknow went by the train."

"If an extra bulb looks burning in the house, then immediately stop giving a rebuke."

"I would say that Chaudhary Charan Singh was a person of Indian politics who took the least and gave more."


Saturday, 22 December 2018

Vivo is offering tremendous offers at 101 rupees for the smartphone too?

Vivo is offering tremendous offers at 101 rupees for the smartphone too?

Vivo has launched offers on its smartphones before Christmas. On the New Year and Christmas, the company will offer its flagship model to the budget smartphone. These smartphones include Vivo NEX, Vivo V11, V11 Pro, Y83 Pro and other models. Interestingly, you can buy them for Rs 101.

Let us know that this offer is for offline channels only and this offer is named New Phone Nayyar. The validity of this offer is 41 days and it will run from December 20, 2018 to 31 January 2019. This offer is for all Vivo Authorized Stores across the country.

Under this offer, customers can buy smartphones of more than Rs. 10,000 by paying immediate payment of Rs. 101. However, after this you have to pay 6 EMI.

You will need KYC to buy a smartphone. There will be a need for a PAN Card, Voter ID or Aadhar card. After this you can choose a smartphone. The company's most expensive phone is now NEX, which costs 45,000 rupees. If you have to buy it then you will have to pay Rs 101 and you will have to do KYC.

Under the scheme, the retailer will convert the value of the smartphone to 5 parts (EMI). In addition to this offer, the company is also offering zero-down payment by HDFC. Under this, 5% additional discounts will be available for shopping with a credit debit card.

Overall the offer is that you have to pay the full price of the smartphone, if you leave the additional discounts. But the advantage is that you can get money in installments and at the beginning Rs 101 will be given.
If you have a fan of vivo smartphones, then this offer can be of great benefit to you and you can buy vivo smartphones. If you like this information, then you are connected to us.


Friday, 21 December 2018

Modi is not happy with Rupani and Nitinbhai, if you do not trust, then see pics...

Prime Minister Modi has arrived today to attend the three-day All India DG Conference in Narmada Sadhu Bat. PM Modi has reached Kevidia Colony through a helicopter. Yesterday, Home Minister Rajnath Singh inaugurated the DG conference and today PM Modi will be present at the DG conference. The meeting will focus on issues related to national security of the country. 168 artists from 20 states will make a cultural presentation. Today, when Modi arrived in Vadodara, Rupani and Nitinbhai reached for his welcome in Advance. Meanwhile, Modi did not show leniency. If you are not confident then check out these pictures

Modi had entrusted the responsibility with full faith. Both of these leaders failed to take responsibility. Congress has stepped in to Gujarat. Congress is strong in Gujarat today in Gujarat, which was also the culmination of the existence of Congress in Gujarat. Elections were held in the Cabinet of the Cabinet Minister of Rupani Government. In which BJP is not in a position to claim that we will win. At present, there has been a growing dispute among the BJP. Some BJP leaders from Gujarat are directly reporting to Modi. The bureaucrats also get all information from the PM about what is going on in the government.

While Modi is Delhi, he takes special care on small things about what is happening in Gujarat. Presently, due to the BJP's downfall, there is a weakening of the organization and the government. Modi is currently running upset with the leaders of Gujarat. Rajkot is still on the face of Modi, who has not gathered the crowd in Rajkot. Those who came to Gujarat today were showing clearly the state of their face.

More than 130 DG and IDP present in the DG conference

A Bharat best Bharat Parade is also organized during the DG conference. Also, a photo session will be held at the Statue of Unity. Prime Minister Narendra Modi will attend the two-day program. The country's security adviser Ajit Dobhal is also taking part. More than 130 DG and IDPs are present in the DG conference. More than 5000 police jawans, Gujarat ATS, Chetak commando, SPG, BSF and Paramilitary Force personnel have been deployed for the security of the conference.

Modi's program to protest

PM Modi is on a two-day visit to Kvadia Colony to join the DG Conference today. On the other hand, the people of Kevadia village are witnessing protests. Locals protested against the house and protested. The villagers are protesting against land acquisition. At Kevadia, black flags have been shown to protest against the homes surrounding the helipad.


Thursday, 20 December 2018

Mi's smartphone has become cheaper with a huge drop of Rs.4000

Today, we are going to tell you about a special Mi-Pokophone F1 phone, this phone is a special phone coming in the mid range price, which has just fallen in value.

Mi's Pokophone F1 price drops:
Mi's Poképhone F1 is a mid-range phone that has different variants, in which the cost of a variant of 6GB RAM and 64GB storage has been reduced by Rs.1000, earlier this smartphone was Rs.20999, but the current flipkart and Mi's cell This phone is getting 19999 rupees

Apart from this, the price of 6GB RAM and 128GB of storage on this phone was Rs 23,999, but now the price has been reduced to Rs 21999. The phone's 8GB RAM and 256 GB phone was available in the first 29999 rupees but now this phone is being given to you Rs. 25999. This offer is only available to you till December 8.

Mi Pocophone F1 specification:
Display: 6.18 inch Full HD Plus Amoled Display
Processor: Snapdragon 845
Camera: 12 + 5 MP has a dual rear camera and a front camera of 20 MP is provided.
Battery: 4000 mAh
RAM: 6 GB and 8 GB
ROM: 64 GB 128 GB and 256 GB
In this phone you have been given C Type Port and Face Unlock Technology is also provided. The phone also has a special liquid cool technology.


Get 50 lakhs just deposited 250, what is the government's plan?

If you want to invest in your daughter for a Sukanya prosperity plan or if you have done it is good news for you. The government has raised interest rates to 8.5 percent under the scheme. The new rate has come into effect from 1 October. That means that you are getting more profit now. Recently, the government has made major changes in the Sudanese prosperity project. Now, to open an account in this scheme, you will have to deposit only 250 rupees. Which was earlier 1000 rupees. If you are also the daughter's father, then the central government's plan is to give you millions of rupees.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on December 4, 2014, under the 'Beti Bachao-Beti Padhao', started the Sukanya prosperity scheme. This is a small savings plan. Beneficiaries can be availed by the girl's name, the Sukanya prosperity account. This scheme provides financial strength to the family from the birth of a girl to marriage. This scheme will help in promoting the birth of daughter in the birth rate, according to gender. This plan will help parents overcome the stresses of their daughter's education and marriage.

Where can you open the account?

Keeping in view the general public in favor of the government, the limit for keeping the minimum amount of annualized amount in the Sukanya prosperity scheme has been changed. Earlier, the minimum deposit of Rs 1000 was made compulsory but now it has been reduced to only Rs 250. New rules have come into effect from July 6, 2018. You can open the account of Sukanya Samrudhi Yojana in any post office or authorized branch of banks. Generally banks, which provide the facility to open PPF accounts, also open accounts for the Sukanya Settlement Scheme.

These documents will need to fall

The form of opening a sukanya affluent account. Child birth certificate, creditor's identity card, driving license, passport etc. Certificate of depositor's address such as passport, ration card, electricity bill, telephone bill etc. You can also use NetBanking to deposit money. The opening of the account at the opening of the account or the account that you have opened in the bank will give you a passbook.

Who can open an account?

You can open this account only when you are a girl's natural or legal guardian. You can open one such account at the name of a daughter. Yeah, you can open this account in the name of two daughters, but if the second daughter is born in the second delivery, you can also open a third account.

These benefits will be found

Since the government has announced the Sudanese prosperity scheme, it is getting more interest than the PF. Benefits of deduction under Section 80C of Income Tax Act on the amount deposited in it. Not only this, but the amount earned on maturity is also tax-free.

When can money be withdrawn?

You can not withdraw money before the age of 18 years of age. At 21 years of age the account becomes maturity. After completing 18 years, you get partial withdrawal facility. This means that you can withdraw 50% of the amount deposited in the account. Unfortunately if the child dies, that account will close immediately. In this case, the amount deposited in the account is given to the guardian.


Wednesday, 19 December 2018


Name of Mukesh Ambani Everyone knows today People look into every thing of the country's famous business tycoon. People are pleased to know from their list of cars to their home antenatalia.

We all know Mukesh Ambani's house is one of the world's most expensive and expensive homes. It is named after the name of a mythical island located in the Atlantic Ocean. About 200 crores or 11 thousand crores spent on this house is something different.

It is built in Mumbai's AltaMound Road, which is considered one of the most expensive villains in the country. Naturally, the value of the property here is also high. Let's say that the cost per scavenger feet here is 80,000 to 85000 rupees.

In Antilia, Mukesh Ambani, wife Nita Ambani, Ma Kokilaben, daughter Isha and son live together with Akash and Anant. At the same time, there are 600 workers here to manage this imposing home. Now the question is, what kind of behavior does Mukesh Ambani behave with his servants? Let's know the variables.

Mukesh Ambani is not only rich but also rich in wealth. We are saying that because he behaves with all his employees in such a way that everybody is a member of his house.

Yes, he is very careful about his own employees and behaves modestly.

Each employee in Antillia gives more than 2 million worth of the month. Each of these work is shared and people complete their work every day with responsibility.


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gujarat Forest Guard Materials | Forest Book Van Chetna By Van Vibhag Gujarat

Gujarat Forest Department Recruitment 2018-19, 334 Forest Guard (Vanrakshak) Bharti Ojas Apply Online. also Old Question Papers & Material Download From and gujarat forest syllabus free download.All the eligibility details about latest Gujarat Forest Department Recruitment 2018-19 are mentioned here in this article along with important dates & OJAS apply online link. this week for filling up total 334 vacancies of Forest Guard post by Ojas in various districts. . All those eligible candidates looking for Forest Guard Jobs in Gujarat can utilize this opportunity before the due date. The last date for submit application form through online mode is 28th November 2018. Candidates must have essential qualification for being selected to the GUJ Vanrakshak vacancy. Do not forget to download Gujarat Forest Guard Notification 2018-19 PDF from a link given in below passages.
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All candidates should try to solve practice question papers as solve as maximum before appear written examination and these are easily available in any book store for particular written examination.

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GPSSB Vistar Adhikari Previous Papers are available here. So, applicants can check BPNL Vistar Adhikari Previous Question Papers in PDF formats. Aspirants can also check BPNL Vistar Adhikari Model Papers for effective preparation. So, Contenders who are looking for Latest Central Govt Jobs in India can get details of BPNL Vistar Adhikari Recruitment 2017. Therefore, aspirants who have a desire in Central Govt Jobs can download BPNL Vistar Adhikari Sample Papers PDF. So, People can also check BPNL Vistar Adhikari Syllabus and BPNL Vistar Adhikari Exam pattern 2017-18 in below sections for better preparation. Hence, applicants can download easily study material of BPNL Vistar Adhikari Exam Papers from our page
In below sections, Candidates can check BPNL Vistar Adhikari Exam Pattern 2017-18 for Quick and smart Learning Purpose. The BPNL Vistar Adhikari Syllabus help the aspirants preparation by covering all topics for BPNL Vistar Adhikari Exam 2017.Hence, applicants who are seeking for BPNL Vistar Adhikari Old Question Papers along with answers can check below sections. So, many Contenders are applied for BPNL Vistar Adhikari Recruitment 2017 can check complete details on our page. Aspirants can find free links to BPNL Vistar Adhikari Previous papers for learning purpose.
Advertisement No.: 8/2018-179
Exam was held on 09-12-2018
Post: Extension Officer (SAHKAR )
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SEB NMMS Exam Hall Ticket 2018 Download

SEB  NMMS Exam Hall Ticket 2018 Download
State Examination Board has released call letters / Admit Card / Hall Ticket for it’s  NTSE Exam for the year 2018.This Exam scheduled to be held on … .you can download your Call letter / Admit Cards at Official Website .you can download your Call letter / Admit Cards below link by entering your  Confirmation  Number and Date of Birth / Password All the Best 🙂
SEB NTSE Exam Hall Ticket 2018
Organization Name: State Examination Board
Name of Exam:  NTSE for Std 10 Students
Category:Admit Card/Hall Ticket
Official website:
Exam Date: 23-12-2018   11 to 2 pm
Status : Available
How to Download SEB  NTSE Exam Admit Card/Hall Ticket 2018
Step 1: Open the official website of SEB Exam or click on Print Hall Ticket (link is given below)
Step 2: Enter your required details.
Step 3: Click on submit button.
Step 4: The admit card will appear on the screen.
Step 5: Save it and take a print copy for next usage.

Primary school Online Hajari Class merge for speed Attendance

Primary school Online Hajari Class merge for speed Attendance
Download Super Android mobile phone application to complete online presence of children and teachers for primary school.
From this application you will be able to enter fewer network on official website.
Today date- Starting from 19-11-2018, the online presence of children and teachers in all the primary schools of Gujarat starts on the website.
How to Change Class in SSa child tracking system :::: 
first Log in in your SSA child tracking systemclick here to Log in

Then Open "Manage students ' option.

Then click on specifica standard. see in below image

Then "select All" option. like below image.

Then Change option in Last Line of form . Type here "A" in all students collum. and then submit.
Do these thing for All Classes of your school. And Enjoy Online Hajari.

first open ssagujarat official website click here to open directly

Then Login through your school dise code and password

Then go to Attendance option

Here you can get various option Regarding Online attendance.

Select Teacher Attendance for Teacher Hajari

select Student Attendance for student Hajari

You have to select various Class out of 1 to 12

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Kinjal Dave New Gujarati Song Video 2018-Khava Mate Pizza

Kinjal Dave New Gujarati Song Video 2018-Khava Mate Pizza
Kinjal dave is a very popular singer of gujarat state. She Sings Garba songs and other Traditional gujarati songs. She is Very Popular And Good looking singer. So that She has Very Huge Fan following.
The fan of kinjal dave wanted to Know more and more about her and so that we are publishing this article to let people know about kinjal dave’s biography, History and struggles. People believing that Kinjal is popular only because of her good looks but that’s absolutely incorrect. Her voice is very catchy and Damn good. If anyone heard her song once then they will becomes her fan.
Kinjal Dave is a gujarati Ras-garba Queen And Popular Folk Singer.
Kinjal Dave Biography, Wiki pedia, Age And Facebook Profile
Kinjal Dave is from Ahemdabad, Gujarat. She was born in Banaskatha, Uttar Gujarat in traditional brahmin family. Her Birth Year is 1999. so as on 2017 kinjal dave’s age is 18 years.
Kinjal Dave Age – 18 years old (as on 2017)
She is Pure gujarati and loves the things which all gujaratis loves. Her favorite dish is Kadhi, Khichadi And Bhakhari.
Most popular and famous video songs of kinjal dave – Download IN HD
Here is some video songs of kinjal dave from youtube. you can download her songs via youtube offline save option. She has lots of subscribers in youtube, facebook and instagram.
This is the HIT song of Kinjal dave and we embed it from the very famous video downloading platform youtube.
Char bangadi vali gadi Video Song
it’s a very popular video song or album of kijal dave which was released in late 2016. you can listen it directly via youtube. the link of video song is given below
Click here to view
Here is the gathering of kinjal dave’s Gujarati tunes. Add up to 50+ Gujarati people collection tune distributed till now. Here is the rundown of hit melodies among all the collection of Kinjal dave. You can likewise download this tune in mp3 form.
song list
* Char Bangdi Vali Audi Varraja Ni Gadi
* Mara Virani Gadi
* Javu Piyer Mare Malva
* Abaliyani Dale Bethu
* Navrat Naveli Badi Albeli
* Gogo Gogo Maro Gom Dhani
* Odhni Mari
* Mandva Ropavjo Tame Fulada Veravjo
* Mara Bapa Ye Gamda Ma Nakhi
* Jay Jay Sukhkari
* Chotila Ma Dj Vage
* Veli Prodhe Gadi Updi Ho Raj
* Madi Taru Zanzar Zankayu
* Muva Man Marje Mati
* Mathura Ma Vagi Morli
* Aatham Aayi Konudani
* Gopia Kon Maharaj Ne Puchyu
* Nonchok Vir Parnva Jyoto
* Maiyar Javanu Mondi Vado
* Rude Garbe Rame Chhe Devi Ambika
* Jod Jota Jodlu Jadi Gayu
* Mongha Maldhari Gaayo Na Goval
* Kali Kali Vadali Ma Viman Chale
* Dhol Re Nagara Sena Vagiya Re
* Kaan Tare Talav
* Lagan Aayu Lagan
* Beni Baitha Madivada Maay
* Muva Mane Marje Mati
* Bend Vaja Vage
* Jo Chehar Darshan Deva Padse
* Ghor Andhari Rataldi
* Morpich No Bandhyo Hichko
* Savaman Sonu Layo Sonido
* Rom Tari Vadima Kona Se Viva
* Abaliyani Dale Bethu
* Jonaiya 100 Bandar Se
* Ram Lakhman Na Ghodiya
* Dj Jonadiyo Part – 1
* Dj Jonadiyo Part – 2
* Dj Jonadiyo Part – 3
* Dj Jonadiyo Part – 4
Click here to view video song

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The Best Way To Record Slow-Motion Video On Android Mobile

The Best Way To Record Slow-Motion Video On Android Mobile

  • Today’s flagship smartphones pack cameras which rival even the DSLRs. One of the fascinating features of a flagship smartphone camera is the ability to record slow-motion videos. Also, Selfie’s trend has been running for a long time and is still there today.
  • From the youth to the elderly, they are very fond of Selfie. Similarly, there is another trend that has caught on social media these days and this trend is slow motion video.
  • If you are thinking that slow motion feature is only in some high-end smartphones and you can not do all this on your simple Android phone.
  •  So let me tell you that it is not so. You can also record slow-motion video on your Android smartphone.
  • The apps I have mentioned in this article help you both create and enjoy slow motion videos on your Android device. If you are looking for a slow-motion video app for Android to capture a slow-motion video or turn an existing video into a slow-motion video, these apps are your best bet.
  • Below are the Android App using that you can record slow-motion video:
  • Slow Motion Video FX
  • You can also make magic fast motion video. This app is also very well liked to record slow-motion video. You can also record Fast Magic Motion Video through this app on your Android phone.
  • The app not only allows you to record video in slow motion but it also allows to convert your already existing videos into slow motion videos. Output video can be shared on Youtube or Instagram.
  • Using Slow Motion Video FX, you can record your speech and make it slow according to your requirement and you can make your speech fast as yo want.

Bin Sachivalay Clerk Special Free E-Books Download PDF

Bin Sachivalay Clerk Special Free E-Books Download PDF

Bin Sachivalay Clerk Special Free E-Books Download PDF
Are you looking for Bin Sachivalay Clerk Special Free E-Books Download PDF practice set? Then here is the best place for you Here, you can Download All the Study Materials for Various Competitive Examination. All Job Examination Study Materials, practice set, model question set, notebook PDF Available on our site.

This file is a Bin Sachivalay Clerk . Please download the paper because this file is use your feature post and practice of all governmane and private job.We provide information about new job like goverment sector and private sector we also destribute the Bin Sachivalay Clerk  job related and post vise material like gujarati grammar english grammar history of gujarat history of india maths reasoning science computer gujarati literature indian literature gujarat geography indian geography current affairs.

Bin Sachivalay Free E-Books PDF
Powered By : Jalpesh Bagdariya
Names : Bin Sachivalay Clerk
File Type : PDF
File Size : 81 MB

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general knowledge book too.

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Teacher's Day

Teacher's Day

              Teachers consume their whole life to build the future of their students. Here in India, We call our teacher the second parents. Please give a big round of applaud and welcome all our teachers.         
           Parents give birth to their children, they look after them, love and feed them. but there are more facets to life, and that's where teachers come in picture. We start picking up spoken language at home but we learn to read and write in school.

            Teachers are the backbone of the education system. But somehow they are not getting the value they supposed to get. A greater role is expected from them but they never get due credit for same. Teachers shape student life, It's big responsibility but what about the teacher's life. they face their own struggles, problem and overcome them to fulfill students aspirations.

            Teachers don't just teach subjects, they teach us the importance of discipline, hard work and more.They take our PT class, they teach us how to make science projects. From essays,drawing to crunching number, and all in between is taught by them.

         Once Students complete their studies and run behind the career they forget the effort the teachers. we should look back and at least say "Thank You"to them. Allow me to take this opportunity to express myself, Thank You very much all, I respect you all. You all have a lion's share in shaping my career. Thank You again.

           Generally, We think teachers supposed to teach from textbooks only. Teachers are much more than that, they teachus life lessons too. Like our mathematics and PT teachers, every teacher has contributed to shapping my carrer me too. I thank you to you all from bottom of my heart.

Henri Becquerel

Henri Becquerel

                   Henri Becquerel was born in one of the world's most beautiful city. Paris, on December 15, 1852. Hemri's father, Alexander Edmond Becquerel (1820-91), his grandfather, Antoine Cesar Baser Becquerel (1788-1878) and his son jean Becquerel (1878-1953) too, were all scientists. Thus, Henri was born in a well educated and cultured family of scientists. After his early schooling at the Lycee Louis-le-Grand. Henri received his  formal scientific education at the-Grand, Henri received his formal scientific education at the Ecole Poly-technique (1872-74) and had engineering training at the Ecole des  Ponts et Chaussees ( Bridges and Highways School 1874-77).
                In addition to his teaching and research Points, Becquerel worked as an engineer in the Department of Bridges and Highways for many years, being appointed chief engineer in 1894. He took up his first academic position in 1876 as assistant teacher at the Ecol poly-technique. where in 1895 he succeeded to  the chair of physics. Contently. he was assistant naturalist to his father at the museum, where he also assumed the physics professorship upon his father's death. Becquerel studied the effects of radioactivity and radioactive decay. in this study he found that when ultraviolet light falls on the material, it tries to absorb the radiation energy. Due to this, electromagnetic  radiations are emitted. The material radiates if it is in an excited state with the help of electromagnetic radiation or if it is made up of highly charged and energized particles. Till the energy to radiate is present in an object, the event or phenomenon is visible. This is Known as phosphorescence. when the object stops radiating light it gets into a state called radioactive decay when there is no radiation visible

Sir Isaac Newton

Issac Newton
         World famous scientist  Sir Isaac Newton was born at Woolsthorpe Manor in Lincolnshire, England, on Christmas day in 1642. As a baby Isaac was a weakling Having Lost his father before his birth, he was born prematurely. The widowed mother lost all hope of the baby's survival.she never had the faintest idea that this baby would one day not only become one of the world's greatest scientists, but also  live long.
        When Newton was two years old. his  mother remarried.He was then shifted to his grandmother's house and she raised him. This young boy engaged himself in some activity or other. He made a sundial in stone. Besides, he made a watch that ran on water and a model of a windmill. The sun clock he made is on display at London's Royal Museum. He also loved reading.
            When he was 14 year old, his mother  was once again windowed. He started living with his mother now, and started helping her at their farm. Soon his mother realized that as he approached adulthood his interest in farming was waning. At home he would daydream. He began making models using wood. Finally, his mother agreed to send him to college. Isaac was thrilled. At the age of 18, newton joined the famous Trinity College at Cambridge. After four years, in 1665, he gained his graduate degree in mathematics from Cambridge University.  in college  his mathematics professor Isaac Barrow recognized his potential and started encouraging and guiding him and later, became his friend.
         And that time plague epidemic raged all over England. About ten per cent of the country's population died of this epidemic. Schools and college were closed. Cambridge University too was closed. Newton was back at his mother's farm. Till the time the university reopened after a year and half, Newton stayed with his mother. The time he  spent hare was the most productive period of his life His greatest discoveries were made during this time (1665-66) and is also known as miraculous year in Newton's life. He  laid the foundations of the calculus and the laws of motion. He also examined the elements of circular motion and applied his analysis to the moon and other planets. Seeing a falling apple gave him insight into the law of universal gravitation. The seeds of his famous work on optics were also laid then. He later elaborated these and were recognized as the world's greatest discoveries of those times.
           In 1667, when the university reopened, Newton was appointed lecture. He made quick progress and in 1669, at the age of 26,he was appointed Lucasian Professor of mathematics in place of Professor Isaac Barrow.
            For long Newton was involved in the research on light. Newton's first Work at Trinity College was in optics. While at home, Newton had conducted many experiments in his darkened room with a glass prism. when he let in a chink of daylight between the curtains or a ray of white light passed through a prism, it was refracted.

Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel

Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel

            Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel was born in 1875 at Karamsad, village in Kheda district in Gujrat. He was a farmer coming from a farmer's family. At school, He was a naughty and mischievous boy in due course, He passed his matriculation examination and after some years he passed the law examination. He practiced as a lawyer at Godhra.
           He carried on a roaming legal practice. As he was ambitious, he went to England and became a barrister-at-law,in 1923, He became the leader of Baradoli Satyagraha. Since then,  he came to be called Sardar Patel. His elder brother, Mr. Vithalbhai Patel, was the president of the Indian legislative assembly.
         He was jailed several times in connection with the freedom movement. He was the right hand man of Mahatma Gandhi and his most trusted lieutenant. It was Patel who maintained discipline in the congress ranks. In 1936, the congress at the general election won the majority of seats in seven provinces of British India.
         Sardar Patel, as the most important member of the central parliamentary board, controlled with firm hand the congress ministries in the seven provinces. in 1947, india was partitioned into Pakistan and free India. Sardar Patel became free India's first deputy prime minister, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru being the first prime minister. He was in charge of the home department and administered law and order...
         Future historians will marvel at his organizing capacity and superhuman ability. The integration of 600 princely states and the elimination of autocratic rule of the Maharajas and Nawab will ever stand out as his unique and greatest achievement. he did it without bloodshed and in the short span of two years.
          Was it not a miracle? to him rightly goes the credit of completely changing the map of India. tribal raiders and Pakistan troops attacked Kashmir and tried to secure accession by force. He saw the writing on the wall. The Indian armies landed in Kashmir by air.
          The tide was stemmed; the tables were turned. The tribal raiders and Pakistani troop were made to flee. cease-fire was proclaimed in January 1949. the police action against the Nezam of Hyderabad showed his iron will to see a thing through, no matter how insurmountable the difficulties and how great the opposition.
        He was essentially a man of action. He was India’s man of destiny. He was the steel man of India. He was the brightest luminary on the home front. He was a walking volcano with fires racing in his heart. he was not a man to be ignored or trifled with. defeat he never knew, weakness he never felt and indiscipline he never tolerated.
        He was a pillar of fire and enthusiasm, but like a practical statesman, He was also calm and unfathomable. He never hesitated to take a decisive step. he combined quickness of decisive with resourcefulness.
         He was the greatest administrator and the best statesman that India has even produced. his death on 15th December 1950, left India poorer. by his death free India has suffered a loss in political leadership that is difficult to repair ....