Sunday, 23 December 2018

33 items of daily consumption fell from 18% to 12% and 5% slabs: V Narayanasamy

New Delhi: Aam Aadmi has received news of relief from the GST Council meeting. Pondicherry Chief Minister V Narayanaswami said in the meeting that the government has put 33 items in everyday use in the slab of 12% and 12% of the slabs. He said that we had asked the government to bring all the items to 18% and below with the tax slab. All items excluding only 34 items will be brought in 18% and below for the slab.

If the price is 28% GST

Price on 18% GST

The distance

Cement - bang

300 rupees

227 rupees

23 rupees less


3000 rupees

Rs 2766

Less than Rs 234


25000 rupees

Rs 23047

Less than 1953

TV, monitors

20000 Rupees

Rs 18438

1563 less

Digital camera

10000 rupees

Rs 9219

Less than Rs 781

The car

4 lakh rupees

3.68 lakh rupees

Rs. 31,250 less

Motor Cycle

50,000 rupees

Rs 46,094

Rs 3,906 less

The government intends that only 28% of the slabs contain only the luxury and health-related items. Prime Minister Narendra Modi also indicated this on Tuesday.


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