Sunday, 23 December 2018

Farmer's Day: Who was Charan Singh who was the leader of Indira Gandhi who was sent to jail?

Chaudhary Charan Singh Only a politician, a farmer leader, a party president or a former prime minister is not named, Charan Singh was also a name of ideology.

Charan Singh's politics did not have any sense of insomnia or deceit, but he did not feel ashamed to say that he felt good and said that he cheated and did not feel bad.

Senior journalist Qurbaan Ali, who has closely watched Charan Singh, says, "His personality was a liability, people did not have the courage to speak against him."

"There was a permanent maturity on his face, he used to have a serious dialogue, a little laughing, I believe that only two or four people would have seen him smile."

"He was loyal to ideals and made a clean, easy politics."

Qurban Ali says, "During the national movement, they were trapped in Mahatma Gandhi and the Congress soil."

"From 1937 to 1977, he was elected from the Chaproli-Baghpat region. After being the Prime Minister, I never saw him having any army."

"He was traveling in a normal Ambassador car. He was against the air travel and even after becoming the Prime Minister, Lucknow went by the train."

"If an extra bulb looks burning in the house, then immediately stop giving a rebuke."

"I would say that Chaudhary Charan Singh was a person of Indian politics who took the least and gave more."


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