Tuesday, 25 December 2018

Invest in this place, become a millionaire soon after

Everybody wants to save, but requires a firm commitment and it becomes more necessary if one wants to save his hard earned money and become a millionaire. Many investment plans are available in the market, including the SIP of the mutual fund. These plans range from low risk to high risk category. Now this will depend on your budget how much you put in a sip each month.

If you invest in SIP, it will be good

If you invest Rs 23,580 per month (786 rupees every day) by a sip, then in 15 years your bank account will get around Rs 1 crore. For example, if you are around the age of 30, you can save about Rs. 786 every day and collect around Rs. 1 crore in your account till the age of 45 years. This calculation is based on a minimum of 10% annual interest. This happens when you do not have any savings until this age. If you invest in SIP, then it will be good. In it, if invested in a traditional way.

The possibility of drowning in Dura Dour

You can gather around Rs 1,15,98,820 in 15 years from an investment of Rs 23580 per month. Traditional investment means to stop money in a relatively low risk fund. This return has been made by Investment Online Calculator. There are many funds available in the market in which this category is given that it is less risky, that means your money will be safe even during the downturn in the market. If you believe in knowledge, then there are some funds that come with high risk. It has the potential to benefit from a lot of investment, but there is also the possibility of dropping investment in reduced rates.


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