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Keep a heart in the winter with special attention, know how to survive a heart attack

Keep a heart in the winter with special attention, know how to survive a heart attack

In winter season, the probability of heart disease increases by 25% compared to the summer. Cold for people affected by heart diseases proves to be extremely harmful. In the winter season, cardiovascular disease causes many diseases, which can easily be prevented by some remedy. In addition, winter heart-blood pressure patients should also be cautious. That is why a cold patient should take some precautions in the cold.

CAD and Heart Attack

Coronary Artery Disease (CAD) is the condition of having a heart attack in the arteries. The arteries of the heart arise due to various causes. For example, eating excessive fat content increases cholesterol levels in the blood, causing fat in the heart arteries. The types of heart arteries can also be stored in calcium. The condition in which the heart can not get adequate blood. This will increase the likelihood of heart disease due to this.

Take care of this cause

Because of the cold, the arteries of the cerebral and other organs of the body, apart from the heart, are shrunken. So that blood flow in the blood stops and the chances of blood clots increase. In such cases, the risk of heart attack increases. Always relax with quilts due to the colder people. Many people do not exercise regularly because of the cold effect. People also became addicted to food poisoning in winter and in winter.

Blood pressure increases rapidly during the winter season. In addition to these reasons people in the cold wake up early in the morning. In the meantime, people do not even walk in the morning. In winter, tasting and tasting things are more intense. Increases the amount of salt blood pressure in excess. Due to cold, people drink tea too. In addition to that, the use of drugs in the cold also increases, so in winter we work all that increases blood penetration. This reason is not right for the cold heart.

Keep this thing focused on

If you have a problem related to the heart, it is important to keep the cold in the morning and take special care during exercise. During this exercise in the season or at running, the arteries are contracted and the blood starts becoming thicker. Due to the increased chances of becoming a blood clot, In such cases, the probability of getting heart acne increases. In the winter season, the tooth should be fully covered and the hard-blooded pressure patient should take his own medicines and he is a patient of heart, he should take his blood thinner.

Yoga is also very beneficial in the winter season. Pranayam is also beneficial in this way. People generally drink less water during cold days, while this is not suitable for health. Due to drinking less water, the nerves contract in the cold, the biggest damage to heart diseases and increases the likelihood of a heart attack.

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