Sunday, 23 December 2018

Mukesh Ambani, who spent Rs 700 crore on his daughter's wedding, said that spoiled potatoes?

Jammu and Kashmir's Governor Satyapal Malik has ridiculed a few days ago, without naming Mukesh Ambani, the businessman who spent over Rs 700 crore in his daughter Isha Ambani's wedding, and the richest person in Asia.
Satyapal Malik, who came to attend an event, said that there is no shortage of rich people in the country but these rich people have no sensitivity towards the society and they are like a spoiled potato.

Malik said that when the country's richest person was questioned about the charity in a program, he said that the country earns a lot for charity, not for charity.
Malik said, is this wealthy person earning only because of which he can spend 700 crores for the wedding of his daughter?

This work will be done by 700 crore crores

Malik again attacked Mukesh Ambani after spending 700 crores for his daughter's wedding, saying that these 700 rupees to 700 big schools can be made or 7,000 widows of martyrs can feed their children. But the country's richest man does not feel like this.

India's wealth does not work as a charity

Malik also mentioned Microsoft's owner in the program, saying that he spent a large part of his earnings in the work of religion.

Apart from them, the business of many Europe and other countries also works for religion. But I do believe that such people are like spoiled potatoes for not doing business in India.


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