Monday, 24 December 2018

Priya has done a lot of fun in the bathroom. The heart will be happy

At the beginning of this year, on Valentine's Day, a girl who had a unique glance at the school dress made almost all her diwali.

This video was so viral that the girl became a night-night fame. Yes we are talking today Malayalam Beauty's Favorite Light Warrior.

Which has now been debated due to its unique photoshoot in the last days of the year.

Yes, just recently, Favorite Light Warrior shared some photos of his new photoshoot in social media.

The favorite in this photo shoot is looking very different from each of his last look and you are seeing how this new incarnation is taking place. In the shoot, Priya gave some photos of Sita Suta in different pose on her own bed.

In the catchy look of the bathtub appeared: Priya also shared a photo shoot photo in which she is showing in the bathtub. Priya is seen in the bathtub dressed in a check box.

If you look at the eyes, then the first love story of that beloved Priya has now changed into a maturing girl.

Priya Lamba is very active on her social account. He keeps posting too many photos and videos of his event. His Malayali film "Oro Adar Love" is also going to be released this year.

Priya, the most searched, will let you know that Google's list of the most searched people in Google's list has just been announced. In the list, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is number one on the first list, then Timur Ali Khan is at number 10 and Priya is a light warrior in the list 8th.


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