Wednesday, 19 December 2018


Name of Mukesh Ambani Everyone knows today People look into every thing of the country's famous business tycoon. People are pleased to know from their list of cars to their home antenatalia.

We all know Mukesh Ambani's house is one of the world's most expensive and expensive homes. It is named after the name of a mythical island located in the Atlantic Ocean. About 200 crores or 11 thousand crores spent on this house is something different.

It is built in Mumbai's AltaMound Road, which is considered one of the most expensive villains in the country. Naturally, the value of the property here is also high. Let's say that the cost per scavenger feet here is 80,000 to 85000 rupees.

In Antilia, Mukesh Ambani, wife Nita Ambani, Ma Kokilaben, daughter Isha and son live together with Akash and Anant. At the same time, there are 600 workers here to manage this imposing home. Now the question is, what kind of behavior does Mukesh Ambani behave with his servants? Let's know the variables.

Mukesh Ambani is not only rich but also rich in wealth. We are saying that because he behaves with all his employees in such a way that everybody is a member of his house.

Yes, he is very careful about his own employees and behaves modestly.

Each employee in Antillia gives more than 2 million worth of the month. Each of these work is shared and people complete their work every day with responsibility.


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