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The 10 best things you can get in the home before the new year, get auspicious fruit

The 10 best things you can get in the home before the new year, get auspicious fruit

If you get along with Karma in the new year, then your success and happiness will not stop there. Knowing what 10 items should be kept in the house so that you can get the same advancement. First of all, put a metal turtle in your home. Some people even put some small wooden turtles in the house, even if some of the clay is not suitable. There are many types of metals such as silver, brass, bronze, however mixed turtles should be kept in the north.


You need to have many types of pyramids in your house. The home pyramid was started with French scientific mossier boxer experiment. There is a belief that the properties of objects placed in the shape of a pyramid can change. If there is any food ingredient in wood or just paper pyramid, its qualities will change.

Parrot picture or idol

According to Vastu Shastra, keeping a picture of a parrot in the north will focus on the child's study. It also increases its memory capacity. When a parrot is a symbol of love, loyalty, longevity and goodwill. The parrot is a symbol of good fortune. If you experience disadvantage, poorness and lack of happiness at home, then establish a home.

Peacock Pears

Morpheus is considered to be the most beautiful and miraculous. Peacock is considered to be a lump. This also removes all the obstacles coming in the path of fate, but be aware that there should be no peeps in the house but 1 to 3 peeps should be kept in the house.

Gomti Chakra

This is a stone that looks simple but is miraculous. This stone is also called Gomti Chakra. Due to meeting in Gomati river it is called Gomti Chakra. Since the Gomti Chakra is at home, there is no barrier to any kind of enemy over the person. 11 Take a gomaniac cycle and keep it in a yellow dress in a tricolor.

Short coconuts

Keeping this short coconut in a red cloth and putting it in a river or pond on the second day of Diwali, Mother Lakshmi has lived in your house for a long time. After discharging, another coconut can be kept in the vault. However there are many other experiments of short coconut. Keeping it at home keeps wealth and prosperity forever.

Silver elephant

There is also a miraculous influence in keeping it at home. According to astrology Rahu and Ketu have no bad influence, as well as progress in the business and jobs of a person. Having an elephant brings peace and happiness to the home. Many people also enjoy Ganesha's idol, it also benefits.

Pearl cone

Thus, the conch will be in everyone's home, but the southwestern conch and pearl conch have a different significance. There are a few glittering pearls. Having worshiped this conch with ceremonial rituals and keeping it in the treasury keeps the business, business, and permanently.

Kamalgata Wreath

Kamalagata wala should be kept in the house of Chandan, Tulsi and Kamalgata. Everything is worth without meaning It is believed that the Calgitum nest opens up the way to recovery. However Kamelgata is a favorite of Lakshmiji. It should be kept in the priest's house.

Swastika picture

Having a swastika picture at home is full of every psychoactive work. Swastik is considered a symbol of Lakshmi and Ganapati in Puranas. Swastik is composed of 'Sū' and 'Asti', which means 'Shubh'. Swastika also removes family, wealth, and health related problems.


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