Thursday, 17 January 2019

Dubai shopping show, shopping in the mall, win 11 crores jackpot!

Dubai shopping show, shopping in the mall, win 11 crores jackpot!

Buildings and shopping complexes in Dubai have always won the hearts of Indians. But if you want to buy it in a shopping mall like Dubai and win millions of prizes, then today you are welcome in Ahmedabad's Mahabazaar. The Maha Bazar, which is going to start in Ahmedabad, will be inaugurated by PM Narendra Modi. The special feature of this festival is that every minute there will be lucky drows and prizes worth Rs 11 crore will be given.

You can enjoy 24 hours of shopping at the Shopping Festival for 12 days. The shopping complex can be enjoyed by eating hotels, clubs, gym, spa and street food in restaurants. This festival is being organized for the Vibrant Gujarat Summit for the indigenous and foreign tourists in Ahmedabad. Many offers are offered to customers shopping in this major market. The upcoming brands of this festival are preparing to give discounts up to 10 to 60 percent of the people.

There are 2700 clothing shops in the festival. Along with 600 of the electronic goods, 600 food and drinks and 110 hotels have been built. There are 300 jewelery and 100 furniture shops.

More than 15 thousand merchants have registered in the shopping festival. This festival is not only due to shops, but discounts have attracted people's attraction. The festival will be started in Ahmedabad on January 17 and Prime Minister Narendra Modi will start this. The festival will last for 12 days and people can take advantage of the shopping, hotel, club, gym, spa etc.. The main hint is that the government has benefitted Vibrant as well as small traders by the Rupani government.

The festival will also attract visitors to Vibrant Gujarat on January 18. The shopping festival has been set up to sell goods, including handmade craftsmanship and craftsmanship made by the people of the state. The shopping fest has been organized keeping in mind the Vibrant Gujarat summit. The festival's biggest attraction is the Gift and the prizes. There is a complete possibility that a large number of Ahmedabadians will come to the fore.

The prize will also get prizes worth millions of rupees to attract customers. Customers will be given a discount at this festival and prizes will be given to the customer who has purchased more than 500. For every minute, the lucky draw will be drawn to the customers and a total of Rs 10 crores has been given. There will be many shops of garments, electronics, furnishings and jewelery. So plan to buy this biggest festival today. In which prizes of up to 10 crores have been kept. For the first time in Gujarat this scheme has been organized by Rupani Government. The main purpose of which is to benefit small businessmen.



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