Sunday, 6 January 2019

In 2019 this can be safe online

In 2019 this can be safe online

In the digital life of 2018, datagrams, massive attack of malware and microtrigrated personalized advertisements are continuously debating and disturbing, however, as technology changes, experts are advised to stay safe online as well. While 2019 has begun, here are some tips on staying safe and staying free from wrong information.

1 Determine your borders and stick to it

When asked about their digital safety and privacy when a number of prostitutes were met in Europe as part of my research, he gave a very good answer: the best way to be safe is to determine your border. You decide what data you want to share with apps and online services, and stick to that limit, apart from it is also desirable how long you want to spend on digital security. It's a work that's been a long time online, so keep limits on it too.

2 Break your litter bubble with your filter

Nowadays, I have a lot of fak news on social media. Especially, many news fakers on social media continue to run on social media. For this reason a campaign against Fake News is also going on, though it is difficult to control. In these circumstances, you should check the truth of the news for the forwarding of lies ahead of you. Finds free online tools like All Sides and Purple Feed, which you can use to verify the truth of the news.

3 Keep your password and e-mail account secure

How strong your password is is not a big risk of password security, but the real risk is that many people are using the same password again and again, in that case the researchers advise you not to use one password. Especially, the account of which is really important should change its password periodically. You can also use the Password Manager for that, or just write your password on paper as a native method, so that you do not need to remember.

4 Use authentication more than once and use the 6 digit code

Use more than one authentication to login to your email account, social media, and financial accounts. Use 6 digit code as part of your login process. Initially due to more than one authentication, it may be a little longer, but the benefits of staying fast and safe over time are big.

5 Deleting an application that you do not want to delete from your mobile phone

Smartphone apps keep an eye on you constantly. Especially share your location. This data is shared by advertising, marketing agency. Your smartphones do not only own your location but also get technical details of your phone. Deleting an app that does not use the app in these circumstances, so that the app stops keeping an eye on you.

Keep updating the app that you are using

Software companies do not always know that many features are important in their program, and when users update them, they are not aware of it. It is not known when a big problem or a small problem comes in those circumstances. How hackers and companies can steal your data all over the world, do not know, if you keep an app update in those circumstances, the risk may decrease, because after the update details are made, your data becomes more unsafe, before it becomes known, new If the avoidance has occurred, then your data may remain safe for a few more times.


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